Let Them Eat...Better! (A Series & a Challenge)

It's been two weeks since I last posted a challenge (last weekend, I was busy building a cabinet for extra storage in my kitchen - it was a blast!). Hopefully, over the last two weeks, you've been able to make a few trips to a farmers' market to gather some locally-grown produce. And hopefully, you've noticed a difference in quality - primarily, an improvement of taste. 

So now that you've been to the market, and you know what is being offered by the different vendors, I'd like to propose our next challenge. Are you ready for this? Let's try to buy all of our produce at the farmers' market instead of the grocery store. Do you think you can? I've actually already started trying to do this, and with the exception of a few last-minute items, I've done pretty well. How do you think you'll do? 

It's been fun to cook with only what's available at the markets...it's definitely led me to think outside the box a bit (and I got The Man to eat stuffed peppers!). I look forward to doing more new things with local produce. What do you think you'll eat in the coming weeks?

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