Local Find: Oak Tree Organics

Those of you who know me probably also know that I'm a huge fan of the area farmers' markets. I love seasonal, locally-grown produce, and I'm even happier if it's organic. Locally grown produce is known to be higher in nutrients and has a much better flavor, since it's picked when it's ripe, not days or even weeks before it's ripe (to withstand shipping times and be ready to eat when you buy it at the store).

Recently, I found out about a local, organic farm in Ashland. They offer CSA shares at $275 for a half share and $550 for a full share. Basically, this gets you a load of goodies each week for the 20 weeks of the growing season (May - October). It's quite a commitment, especially since you don't know what you'll get each week. I think it would be interesting to try to do things with the different produce, but since I've planned a pretty decent garden this year, I'm going to hold off on the CSA until I see how my own garden fares.

In addition to the CSA, Oak Tree Organics offers an online market each week (even right now). And, there's no commitment like there is with the CSA. Here's how it works if you sign up:

  • Every Sunday, you'll receive an email listing the produce that is available and the cost.
  • You email back with your order.
  • You receive an order confirmation on Tuesday.
  • You pay for and pick up your produce later in the week (they offer several different pickup options, like Springfield & Jacksonville).
I've signed up for the emails, and a few of my coworkers have done the same. I've been told that their salad greens, even this time of year, are wonderful! I have yet to purchase anything, simply because I haven't had a need for the items they've got at the moment, but they are going to have some potatoes and carrots in the coming weeks, so I'll probably get some for us. I think this, in addition to farmers' markets, is a brilliant way to support local farmers. It's also healthier and definitely tastier than store-bought produce!

If you're interested in either the CSA or the online market, you find more information on Facebook. Also, here's in an interesting article about the farm.

I hope you'll help support the Wallace family! By doing so, you'll reap the benefits of locally-grown, organic produce. Your taste buds will thank you! :)

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