Down With the Sickness

Sadly, this weekend I didn't get a chance to make anything yummy. The Munchkin had a rough week and weekend with a stuffy nose, and late last week The Man and I caught it too. So our weekend was spent snuggling and playing with The Munchkin and huddling over boxes of tissues.

Despite our new found affinity for the box of tissues, I managed to come up with some really good home decor ideas on the cheap. I was on a mission last weekend to reorganize and declutter. With that completed (in conjunction with my addition to Pinterest), my new mission is to decorate. We've lived in this house for 4 1/2 years, yet we have no real decor. I did hang curtains in the living area and slipcover the couches when I finished grad school (in 2009), and one of my paintings hangs in the living room (and it's now partially covered by the TV from when we baby-proofed and rearranged the furniture a few months ago). Aside from that, we have nothing on the walls...just white paint. It's kind of sad.

Last weekend, The Man hung a cute little Closetmaid shelving unit on the bedroom wall above my desk. It's enough to hold a few paperbacks (all Dean Koontz) and a few trinkets. However, my aversion to trinkets has left it pretty bare. However, for this shelf I've decided to make some trinkets...little balls of hemp string (an idea from Pinterest...the hemp string isleftover from Christmas gift wrapping, coated in glue and wound around a balloon which is later popped and removed) and painted some glass bottles (found while cleaning). These are basically freebie projects. I only had to buy balloons and spray paint. I also need a small, live plant to put in a cute pot I've got, but it's the wrong time of year here in Illinois to go hunting for those, so the silk orchid (since I can't seem to keep a real one alive) will have to stay for now.

I also bought frames for our family photos which were taken at the beginning of December. I managed to get the photos in the frames, but they haven't made it any further than that. They will eventually hang on the wall above the TV, but that requires first moving the painting. (That's a whole separate project, since the painting is 4'x3'. We don't have a lot of wall space, so we're going to have to rearrange a few other things.)

I began working on transforming some old beige placemats I found while cleaning last weekend. I bought them years ago, and they never get used, so I tried to Freecycle them. After a lack of interest from my fellow Freecyclers, I realized these placemats were throw pillows in disguise (and I've been wanting new pillows anyway). The top is a textured fabric and the back is cotton. They're sewn around the edges, but the middle area is free. All I have to do is rip out enough of the seam to stuff them with PolyFil and then sew it back up. And considering I already have two bags of PolyFil and thread, this project is a freebie. I got one made today before The Munchkin (and I) went down for a nap.

I had also hoped to get started on a painting requested by a friend for his office. But, alas, a fussy 9 month old and two fussy adults doesn't create an environment conducive to these kinds of projects. :)

All in all, very few things got marked off of my To Do list this weekend, but several things got added! And I spent very little time in the kitchen creating delicious treats. There will be more weekends, though.

Happy creating!

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