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This week, we are going to continue testing recipes I've found on Pinterest. I feel like I somehow have to justify the amount of time I spend on there...which is LOTS! :) And it also allows me to say...

(image from http://jojofam.blogspot.com/)

Before I get into this week's menu, I want to update you on the jambalaya experiment from last week. After looking over the recipe (which I admit I hadn't done before deciding to try it), I realized that there wasn't much sense in cooking meats in a crockpot all day and then adding rice and shrimp 30 minutes before serving...especially when you can easily make a meal like this in 30 minutes (without the daunting task of having to clean the crockpot afterward!). Don't get me wrong, I love my crockpot.

Though maybe not this much... 

Ok, back to the jambalaya. :)

The recipe called for rice, which I always have on hand, and Cajun seasoning. I found this at the grocery store...basic ingredients: chili powder, garlic powder & onion powder...all of which I have on hand, so I decided not to buy it. As I was perusing the aisles, which I sometimes do for inspiration, I noticed a box of Zatarains. Now, if you're currently living (or have lived) in Creole Country, please don't kill me for this. But I picked up a box and looked at the directions and ingredients. Lo and Behold! It was practically the same ingredients as the rice and Cajun seasoning, and it only took 30 minutes to cook. I was smitten...especially for a dish I wasn't even sure The Man would like! So, I bought it. I followed the instructions on the box and added Polish sausage and chicken for The Man and shrimp for me. I also added 1/2 c brown rice, but no extra liquid (just to stretch it a bit). Everybody went in the pot at the beginning...easy peesie!

The verdict: It. Was. Fantastic! The Man agreed, and we've been eating the leftovers all weekend! :)

Now to get to the matter at hand...this week's menu...

Sunday: Chicken/Shrimp Satay w/ Thai peanut sauce & soba noodles - I love peanut butter! And this looked/sounded WONDERFUL when I saw the photo on Pinterest. I'm not sure how The Man will feel about it, but maybe if I don't tell him all the ingredients, he'll go into it with an open mind. *insert evil laughter here* :) (Note: Soba noodles are a great gluten free pasta alternative. They're made of buckwheat, which is actually not related to wheat at all. So if you need GF, eat to your heart's content!)

Monday: Fried pork chops & macaroni and cheese - I was going to test the French Onion Mac & Cheese recipe I found on Pinterest, but I could not, for the life of me, find Fontina at the grocery store on Friday. And since I had The Munchkin with me (and it was snowing), I wasn't up for hopping from store to store to try to find it in this culinary wasteland we call central Illinois. Also, with all the different cheeses required by this recipe, the cost of the dish was rising to a level I'm not comfortable with. I like good food, but I also like cheap food, and I believe the two can live in harmony! So I'll try this one another day because it makes my mouth water to think about it! (Note: if you need Fontina, don't go to County Market for it...I would try Meijer.)

Tuesday: Tacos/Quesadillas - I really need to find some scrumdittilyuptous Mexican recipes...sans beans (for The Man)...I'm getting bored with making tacos and quesadillas...and I'm pretty sure you're getting bored with my Tuesday meal choices!

Wednesday: Burgers - I didn't have the energy last week to make the Quinoa burgers, but I hope this week will be different! They look pretty good, if you ask me!

Thursday: Baked crispy cheddar chicken & sliced baked potatoes - Both of these recipes are from Pinterest, and they look tasty and interesting. And since The Man likes anything with cheese, I don't think he'll have a problem with this at all!

Friday: Pizza

Saturday: Chicken & Cheese lasagna rollups & Texas Roadhouse rolls - I'm not sure how either of these recipes could not taste good!

I can't wait to try these! I'll give you a recap of these items in next week's menu. :)

Mangia Bene!

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  1. Another note about soba: I have not had any luck finding these at County Market, either...if you're interested in trying them, I would suggest looking at Meijer.

    It seems that Meijer has a better selection of ethnic and less-traditional ingredients.