Garden Update

This weekend is a flurry of gardening activity, especially since I didn't do any gardening last weekend. So, here's a recap:

Last weekend, according to my SmartGardener To Do List, I was supposed to prep the soil for arugula and spinach, but I hadn't yet been visited by the dirt fairy. My dirt showed up yesterday, so I spent today filling the raised beds I constructed in the summer of 2010. (The raised beds never got filled with dirt because I found out I was pregnant a week or two after constructing them, and complete exhaustion set in soon after. And last spring/summer, I was busy tending to a newborn and adjusting to a severe lack of sleep, so gardening wasn't high on my list of priorities!) Anyway, today I mixed the soil with some organic fertilizer and filled the beds...needless to say, my body is killing me, and I'm utterly exhausted! Now they're prepped for arugula and spinach (and all the other good stuff I'm going to plant)!

Tomorrow, I am going to start several seeds (in egg cartons):
- Roma tomatoes
- Parsley
- Cilantro
- Serrano peppers
- Jalapeno peppers
- Cayenne peppers

It's also time to sow the spinach and arugula seeds directly in the garden beds.

And in a few weeks, I'll get to transplant my darling little green onions, which are doing quite well in their egg carton!

Can you tell I'm excited about this year's garden?! :) How's your garden coming along?

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